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Super Rich Get Attention in Building
By James A. Cockrell, Real Estate Editor, The Dallas Morning News
19 May 1957
Dallas' fabulous building boom, two local builders some time ago concluded, had neglected one group of folks — the super wealthy.
In a few months, though, these builders, Edward T. Dicker and Jerome J. Frank, will have greatly increased the supply of rental housing for these people. This will come with the opening of the 23-story apartment building at 3525 Turtle Creek.
The cheapest units will rent for $350 a month. Also available are some larger apartments at $700. The highest rates are for the two penthouses, each renting for $1,500. Both already have been leased.
Floor space in the apartments is as large comparably as the rent. Those smallest, $350 units each have 1,253 square feet of floor space. That's about as large as a new 3-bedroom home.
The $700-a-month units each have three bedrooms and a total of 2,667 square feet of floor space.
Tenants won't necessarily be limited to this size apartment. A few already have leased two together and arranged to combine them for a total apartment space of 5,354 square feet.
Dicker, who has dreamed of building such a structure for 20 years, explains, “The rich man has neglected in the past 30 years. I made a survey of the nation and found that the only first-rate things being built for the rich were hotels.”
Many of the guests at 3525 Turtle Creek will be older persons.
“The rich want to get out of the big mansions after their children have married but they can't,” Dicker said. “There is no place for them to move.”
Plans in the buildings were done with older persons in mind. No apartment is more than 30 feet from the elevator to prevent long walks, Dicker said.
Getting servants has become increasingly difficult everywhere. And so, special luxury features just to attract servants have been planned. There is, for example, a maid's powder room on every other floor.
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