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Building Heating and Cooling System Design
The heating-cooling system for the individual units is an all-air dual duct system and is well suited to provide individual temperature control. This temperature control is achieved by supplying a mixing terminal unit with conditioned and treated air from two ducts. Each duct has air streams at two different temperature levels; one air stream is cold and the other is warm. The mixing terminal unit proportions the cold and warm air in response to a thermostat located in occupied space.
This system is a deluxe comfort system and is second only to the system found in a museum or hospital. It is a natural application for a multi-room high-rise apartment house.
System Feature
The dual-duct system offers many features that are favorable for multi-room high-rise apartments where individual temperature control is desired. Some of these features are:
Individual Temperature Control — flexible instant temperature response is achieved because of simultaneous availability of cold and warm air at each terminal unit at all times.
Excellent Humidity Control — humidity control is achieved by providing sensible heat from the hot duct as the cooling load decreases. This accomplishes a tight band of humidity minimizing the deterioration of both health and possessions of the individual.
Excellent Indoor Air Quality — Indoor air quality is provided by centralized high quality filtration and pretreated outside air makeup. This prevents odor degeneration in the individual apartments keeping the air fresh and healthy.
Centralized Servicing and Maintenance — other than servicing and maintaining the individual terminal boxes, major service and maintenance is easily and efficiently performed on top of the building, thereby reducing traffic throughout the building.
Quite Operation — all of the fans and rotating equipment are remotely located, thereby minimizing the noise level in the apartments reducing distractions that may be annoying.
Simple Operation — once the thermostats are calibrated and set, year around comfort is provided. Starting and stopping of the mechanical equipment is accomplished via a computer to match the extreme weather conditions outside.

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